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"Well paced, engaging, and informative.. this is the most useful and effective training programme i've ever attended", MBA Masterclass delegate March 2012


TMMp are a creative management consultancy providing strategic review, business development and performance improvement support to a range of major corporates and leading niche businesses across Europe, Asia and Australia.


Our focus is on senior executive development and organisational performance improvement. This is provided through a focused range of management consultancy services, in-house development workshops and public training programmes.

If you would like further information about how we may be able to support the pursuit of performance in your organisation please call Paul, Gill or Gary by the contact details above.

Distilling Performance..

Using the key concepts from the MBA and applying them directly to your workplace.




" It is hard to say just how valuable this programme has been; it has given me the tools to enhance business performance, and i've experienced the benefits already!"