Below are links to TMMp Partners. We strongly believe in co-operation and developing products through teamwork and associates and the below sites are reflective of that.



Customer Experience Development -

'...because customers vote with their feet...' we have developed a whole range of training programmes to and materials to encourage staff to 'Stand in the Customer's Shoes'.



Senior Managment Consultancy -

TMMp are a creative management consultancy providing strategic review, business development and performance improvement support to a range of major corporates and leading niche businesses worldwide. Visit the website to view our latest programmes, read client profiles or find out about our one-to-one executive coaching services.



Vacation Properties in Florida -

Mouse House Properties are the leisure industry specialist providers of luxury vacation homes in Florida, USA. The Mouse House is an exclusive 5-Bedroomed 4-bathroom home in Orlando, whilst we have other 3 and 4 bedroomed properties available. Investment opportunities are also available and Mouse House Properties will be happy to advise you.



Graphic and Web Design -

Absence / presence is an independent design compnay offering a wide range of creative services. Our aim is to provide original and imaginative solutions for a diverse and eclectic client group using a range of differing media. Our goal is to stimulate imagination and creativity in all areas of life, work and culture.



Property Development -

TMMp has a long history and experience of management and project management. The hands-on involvement is presently realised through Caenwood Developments, an exclusive property development company based in Hertfordshire.



Online Learning Delivery -

Motor Tools Unlimited represents a revolution in on-line training solutions, providing instant access to a vast range on training and learning materials. Motor Tools is a site dedicated to the motor industry.


In-house delivery systems can be deployed into swpecific company intranets;

Management Tools Unlimited website offers a wide range of training materials for the business community, representing years worth of expertise and application.


Bodyshop Tools Unlimited represents a revolution in on-line training solutions, providing instant access to a vast range on trainging and learning materials. Bodyshop Tools is a site dedicated to the Bodyshop and Repairs branch of the motor industry.




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