Developing Leadership ..

Charisma or Control?






The balance of leading and managing - how is it that some organisations achieve extraordinary performance with very ordinary people?

Understanding Ourselves and Others

how we all learn and develop differently

defining personal learning preferences

‘learning organisations’ … individual, team and organisational development

identifying personal motivators and the implications for building team performance.


Personal Competence Development

challenging personal competence and recognising the perceptions of others

using a ‘Leadership Imperatives’ model for competence development reflecting three core themes … Providing Powerful Leadership; Releasing Organisational Potential; Driving Business Direction.


Developing Organisational Performance

recognising the importance of a clear and well-communicated strategy

integrating the ‘hard’ and the ‘soft’ organisational factors to build organisational capabilities.


Harnessing Potential

identification of the fundamental practices that enable leaders to get extraordinary things done

using personal behaviours and specific actions to encourage motivation and commitment

leadership ‘Traits’ … the core behaviours that support outstanding performance :








recognising coaching as a core leadership discipline

practical approach to coaching using the GROW model (Goal / Reality / Options / Will)

practical use of peer group coaching.


Personal Effectiveness

use of a structured approach to examine and improve personal effectiveness

recognising the critical role of senior executives in the implementation of organisational change and business strategy

balancing the pressures of day to day operational decision taking and longer-term business development.


During this MasterClass participants will examine their own leadership competence using a 360° Personal Effectiveness Profiler. A comprehensive Feedback Report is prepared and provided to participants as part of the performance coaching during the event.


In addition a series of further Mirror Image analytical tools will be used during the programme to examine personal performance and team relationships. These are structured to enable the participant to clearly focus and prioritise their own personal development.

This business focused MasterClasse provides a fast track opportunity to capture some of the essential principles that are integrated within a full MBA programme of study. These concepts are blended with the primary tools that are applied by world class business consultancies defining and supporting major performance improvement initiatives for their clients. The focus is on capturing the essential thinking and analytical processes that provide the foundations for effective corporate ‘C’ level boardroom decision taking. The development provided by the MasterClasses is linked but they may be attended individually.