Financial Analysis &
Decision Taking

Clarifying the corporate financial priorities and how these integrate with strategic and marketing goals.




Using the key concepts from the MBA and applying them directly to your workplace

Course Overview: The Finance MasterClass focuses on clarifying the corporate financial priorities and how these integrate with strategic and marketing goals. Finance must be the ‘common language’ in any successful business and this programme removes the apparent mystique and CFO jargon. It examines business financial principles, income statement and balance sheet interpretation, performance review, financial decision taking and investment ‘business case’ appraisal.


Each MasterClass is a fast paced and stimulating development forum blending learning inputs, application of the concepts to selected live ‘case study’ businesses and identification of the opportunities to apply the approaches within their own corporate and client organizations.


Who Should Take This Course: The course is relevant for all who wish to reinforce their business thinking skills and the dynamics of corporate decision taking. It is particularly applicable to those who are actively involved with client organizations in account management, pre-sales, sales or consultancy roles. It can also be completed as a ‘taster’ for those considering pursuing a full MBA qualification.


Objectives: The three MBA MasterClasses are designed:
• To expose participants to a range of latest thinking on the key challenges facing business leaders in today’s demanding business climate.
• To increase capability to understand client corporate challenges, define their key areas of development focus and directly relate propositions to their business needs
• To reinforce the entrepreneurial focus, business leadership and change management skills of executives required to operate in organisations facing the commercial challenges of highly competitive markets and the imperative of further developing financial performance and stability
• To enhance awareness, capability and confidence in the application of a series of practical performance analysis and development planning techniques
• To reinforce financial management literacy and the capability to review business results / analyse corporate performance / develop evaluated plans to further build performance
• To consider alternative approaches to competitive positioning and achieving marketplace advantage
• To refine personal leader behaviour, people leadership and organisational change management competencies
• To directly support the development of the business plus the ongoing personal and career development of the individual participant qualification.

This series of three business focused MasterClasses (Strategy, Finance and Marketing) provide a fast track opportunity to capture some of the essential principles that are integrated within a full MBA programme of study. These concepts are blended with the primary tools that are applied by world class business consultancies defining and supporting major performance improvement initiatives for their clients. The focus is on capturing the essential thinking and analytical processes that provide the foundations for effective corporate ‘C’ level boardroom decision taking. The development provided by the three MasterClasses is linked but they may be attended individually.