Distilled Performance..


Applicable Tools from the MBA Masterclasses, and applying them directly to your workplace.










An On-line Toolkit.


For Clients who have attended one of our programmes within the MBA Masterclass series, (and for some Clients - their own specific programmes); TMMp make available a broad range of documents and presentations which can be used and downloaded as on-going support 'Tools'.


Their is usually a combination of;


* Powerpoint Presentations

* Mirror Image Documents

* Aides Memoire

* The Business Portfolio

* Case Notes


Many clients find these tools extremely useful for applying the learning process to everyday challenges and tasks.


If you would be interested in having a discussion with one of our team about the MBA Masterclass processes and how they can be aplied to your workplace, please contact the office and talk to either Paul, Gill or Gary.






If you have attended a programme but have not been given the login details, or if there are any problems with the support materials, then please contact the office.